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The Messiness of Faith

Genesis 15 Ruthie knew it was coming. In fact, she didn’t really want to come to the Bible study that night, because she knew exactly where the conversation was going to end. She had felt it building for weeks. It was a new Bible study group, and the women were still feeling each other out. […]

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Wisdom from the Wilderness

Exodus 16.1-15 I went on a trail run the other day. And it was absolutely one of the worst experiences that I had had in nature in a long time. Bryan Miller and I are training for a long trail run this Fall, so we have been doing occasional socially-distanced runs. We met the other […]

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Drama of Dust

  Genesis 4.1-15 I grew up around farms and farmers. My dad was a pastor, and we lived in town—not on a farm—but many of my fellow students and their families worked on the farms around the small farming community where we lived. Growing up in Monticello, Illinois was different than here in Lawrence. Students […]

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Stewards of Eden

Pastor Matt Sturtevant’s sermon is “Stewards of Eden,” the 3rd sermon in the August/September worship series, “A Season of Creation.” Today’s Old Testament reading comes from the second chapter of Genesis. In fact, it comes directly following the story that we read last week from Genesis chapter One. Herein lies the problem. Biblical scholar Beth […]

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Whose Kingdom is it Anyway? The Sower

Matthew 13 is almost smack dab in the middle of the Gospel. We have made our way through the Magi and Joseph, the Sermon on the Mount, and the mission in Jesus’ home region of Galilee. We haven’t yet made it to the Triumphal Entry, the Temple teaching of Passion Week, Crucifixion, Resurrection. Smack dab […]

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Helping a Hurting Friend: Addiction

Helping a Hurting Friend: Addiction Pastor Matt Sturtevant with Dr. Tim Bonner, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and former Licensed Masters Addiction Counselor Romans 7:14–8:2 Sarah sat in her car a little bit longer, waiting for the group on the sidewalk to break up. She was already a little late for the AA meeting that met in […]

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