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Three Saints

1 Kings 17:1-16 We begin this week a series titled Catalyst, looking at the transformational actions of the prophets and how they spurred God’s people to action. We are tying it to the language that we have used for several years about our actions as a congregation, sometimes referred to as the Four W’s. The first […]

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Four Pillars

2 Samuel 7:1–17 Four pillars stand across the front of John L. Hill Chapel on the campus of Georgetown College. When I was a student there, I passed by those pillars every time I went to chapel service. Every time I went to the Campus Ministries office where I worked. Every time I went to […]

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The Time Machine

1 Samuel 2:1–10 Philip K. Dick wrote a science fiction short story titled Paycheck. They made a movie of it a few years ago, but they put Ben Affleck in it and it was horrible. In the original short story, a man named Jennings agrees to work for a company that creates time machines. He […]

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My Golden Calf

Exodus 32.1-8 What Golden Calf are you worshipping today? Last week, Joe Karnes shared with us the story of Joseph, his father Israel, and his brothers. As the book of Genesis ends Joseph, with God’s leading, has saved his family and their people from famine and death, aligned them under the protection of Pharaoh, and […]

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The World Turned Upside Down

Pulpit guest: Joe Karnes Economic volatility brought on by massive unemployment, a roller coaster stock market and recession. Many people are anxious, uncertain and fearful of what is to come. They feel isolated and powerless to change what is going on. Into this bleak and troubling world comes the promise of hope from our New […]

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Sometimes You Have to Laugh!

Genesis 30:14–24 Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is this. Right now, I want you to find someone in your life to talk to. They may be sitting next to you on the couch. They may be 8 states away, but you know that they will pick up the phone. Pick a friend, […]

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The Messiness of Faith

Genesis 15 Ruthie knew it was coming. In fact, she didn’t really want to come to the Bible study that night, because she knew exactly where the conversation was going to end. She had felt it building for weeks. It was a new Bible study group, and the women were still feeling each other out. […]

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A Restored Innocence

  Genesis 3:1–8 Jeff and Janet Savage are two of the most beautiful, gracious, hospitable people I know. Last summer, one of the highlights of our sabbatical as a family was to spend time in their retreat space in the hills of Oregon. For two weeks, we rested and relaxed in the separate apartment attached […]

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Whispers from the Water

2 Kings 5 Namaan has it all. He has incredible power, with servants and minions waiting on his every command. He has military might, with soldiers and armies at his beck and call. He has amazing wealth at his disposal, silver and gold and wardrobes full of expensive garments ready to buy anything he could […]

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Wisdom from the Wilderness

Exodus 16.1-15 I went on a trail run the other day. And it was absolutely one of the worst experiences that I had had in nature in a long time. Bryan Miller and I are training for a long trail run this Fall, so we have been doing occasional socially-distanced runs. We met the other […]

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