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Blinded by the Light: Saul

 Acts 9.1-9 How many of you all have ever seen a blind cave fish? Their name explains most of what you need to know about them. They are fish that live in caves, and are—you guessed it—blind. In fact, they don’t even have eyes. Scientists believe that over time, living in streams and underground […]

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Resurrection Song

 Luke 24.1-12 Joanna cried quietly while she walked to the tomb. She and her companions did not need to speak. They knew each other’s grief and pain. There was nothing left to be said. On Friday they had stayed until the bitter end. Watched him breathe his last. Watched the soldiers take him down. […]

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Spy Wednesday: Judas’s Story

Matthew 26.1-5 Judas looked down at the scroll in his hands. It had been delivered quietly, stealthily, by a special messenger, to his hands only. He had figured out an excuse to leave Jesus and the disciples so that he could find a dark corner and read what it said. Now to see it in […]

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