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Where Do We Go From Here?

In this 10-minute video, Pastor Matt considers the question, “Where do we go from here?” and shares what he has been doing in his own life in response to the cultural unrest and protests resulting from systemic racism. Here are a couple of links he mentions toward the end of the video: 1. His 7/5/2015 […]

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Maundy Thursday 2020

This is FBC’s Thursday, April 9 virtual Maundy Thursday observance. Joanna Gillette leads us in Taizé-style worship and Pastor Matt Sturtevant brings a message of remembrance of the last night Jesus shared with His disciples before His death, and the meal He shared together with them.  

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God’s Best Performance

Romans 8.26-39 I had the opportunity to attend a couple events as a part of the Fringe Festival last week. For those who don’t know, it’s an arts Festival in Kansas City that follows the tradition of Fringe Festivals around the world that highlight artists on the fringe – those not in the big name […]

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Restless Easter

I recently lost my grandparents grave.  When I say lost, I mean that I had been absolutely positive I knew exactly where it was.  That tree.  That bend in the road.  The morning sun coming from that direction.  Not there. I don’t know why it is, but there is this certain brand of panic you […]

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Advent is a Cruel Joke

Sometimes Advent seems like the cruelest of jokes. It’s a season, we’re told, of waiting, anticipation, preparation. And in true poetic form I’m never ready – in the frenzy of Thanksgiving and post-feast haze, it never seems like the right time to pause and ponder things in my heart about the anticipated promise of God’s […]

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John 8.33-47 Reflection

Over a year ago Pam Durso, with Baptist Women in Ministry contacted me to contribute to a special edition of the Smyth & Helwys Formations quarterly devotional. She wanted to gather a host of voices of females in ministry and men who are supportive of women in Baptist life. I was, of course, more than […]

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