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Images of Beauty

Psalm 65 On our way out to Virginia Beach this summer, we drove up into the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a good stopping point half-way from Kentucky, and, well, it was in the mountains. We stayed at a hotel in Roanoke, and I woke up early and drove a mile or two down to […]

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Family Photos

2 Timothy 1.1-14 One of my photo assignments this summer was to dig through old photographs. The point is that when we look at old photos, we begin to see connect to our history and connect it to what is meaningful to us today. Jan Phillips, author of the book God is at Eye Level, […]

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Selfies and Solitude

Genesis 32.22-31 How many of you have taken a selfie today? How many of you have taken a selfie within the last week? Within the last month? How many of you think you know what a selfie is, but wouldn’t bet your life on it, and don’t think you’ve ever taken one before? For those […]

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The Gift of Imperfection

1 Corinthians 1.18-25 One day this summer, I got up early one morning to run on a nearby trail—the McKenzie River Trail. It is more famous as a mountain biking trail, enough that at least one national magazine proclaimed it as the “nation’s best.” On the first part of the trail, it continued to follow […]

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Looking and Seeing

Jeremiah 18.1-11 Have you ever looked at something, but not taken the time to really see it?   Case in point. I drive by Sixth and Iowa all the time, but there was this moment this summer where I saw something for both the first time and the millionth time. You may know that there […]

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Summer Camp

Hebrews 13.1-8, 15-16 It feels so good to be back with you all, and back in the pulpit! I do indeed have so many stories to tell, but my plan is not to tell too many of them today. After all, I have some time next week at the presentation, and then I hope to […]

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