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Crawfish Boil


The crawfish boil is a fun, relaxed, very informal family-friendly event for all ages, with traditional zydeco music and games and activities for the kids! You’ll enjoy an abundance of fresh crawfish, corn on the cob, potatoes, jambalaya, red beans & rice (vegetarian), and homemade desserts, as well as non-seafood items for the landlubbers. All are welcome—be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!

Our guy Shane Schenkel orders the crawfish in live from Louisiana, so advance ticket purchases help tremendously in helping him to know how many crawfish guests to “invite” for the occasion.

Not sure about crawfish, especially crawfish in Kansas? Scroll down for a FAQ!


Saturday, May 25th from 5:00–8:00 p.m.


First Baptist Church at 1330 Kasold Dr, Lawrence, KS.


Early bird discount: Adult tickets $8, children 12 and under $4.

After May 19: Adult tickets $10, children 12 and under $5.

Tickets are available for purchase after church, in the church office, and online via either PayPal or SimpleGive.

To buy tickets online

1) Via PayPal: Use this link: paypal.me/firstbaptistlawrence. Enter total dollar amount for all tickets you’re purchasing. Add a note with your name and how many of each ticket type. We’ll hold the tickets for you at the door in the name specified in the note, or if that’s blank, in the name of the account holder.

2) Via SimpleGive (FBC’s secure online giving platform): Go here. Select the “Give Now” tab option at top. Choose “Crawfish Boil” from “Fund” drop-down menu, click “Amount” box, and type total dollar amount for all tickets you want to purchase. Click “Submit,” then choose “Credit Card” or “Bank Account” and complete the info. When finished, click “Submit” again. Then, send an e-mail with the subject line “Crawfish Boil Tickets” to holly@firstbaptistlawrence.com to let us know how many of each ticket type you’ve purchased (include cardholder name so we can match up the email to your SimpleGive transaction). We’ll hold the tickets for you at the door in the name of the cardholder, or a name specified in the email.

Crawfish FAQ:

Q. What is a crawfish boil?

A. If you’ve never been to a crawfish boil, you’re in for a treat. The crawfish are cooked with corn on the cob, potatoes, mushrooms, and onions. The tables are covered with paper, and the food is dumped in the middle of the table. Plates and flatware are optional, but available if it weirds you out too much to go without them.

Q: How do I eat a crawfish?

A: No worries! Someone will be on hand to instruct you in the art of getting the meat out of the crawfish, should you need help with such things.

Q: Crawfish? In Kansas? It can’t possibly be fresh.

A: We know a guy. He has Louisiana connections, and the crawfish is caught the day before and flown in live the night before. For all the crawfish know, they’ve been booked on a nice relaxing all-expenses-paid vacation. We keep ’em alive right up until they go in the pot.

Q. But do you know anything about how they’re supposed to be prepared?

A. Like we said, we know a guy. And yes—he purges them!

Other Questions?

Please contact the church office:

(785) 843-0020