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Here’s the Big Red Button to click to go directly to the April 12, 2020 virtual Easter worship service on YouTube Premieres. If you click it before the service, you’ll see a countdown and an opportunity to click “Set reminder” in the video frame.
You can follow the order of worship with this bulletin. (Print it, or view on a second device.) We invite you to interact in the chat area to the right of the video frame during the service. (You must be signed in to chat.)
We’ll have “narthex time” again this week after the virtual service ends to allow for post-service conversation (and, a bonus for those who didn’t toggle “autoplay next video” to off—it will keep YouTube from starting whatever it thinks is the next video you should watch!) Following that, at 12:30 p.m., we’ll have a virtual 2-way sermon discussion on Zoom for all who would like to participate. (Sign up here if you’d like to have the Zoom link sent to you.)