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work \’wərk \ n; activitiy in which one exerts strength, or faculties to do or perform something; sustained physical or mental effort to overcome and achieve a goal; labor, task or duty that is one’s means of livelihood; something produced by the exercise of creative talent or expenditure of creative effort.

vb; to bring to pass; to fashion or create a useful or desired product by expending labor on; to prepare for use by stirring or kneading; to bring into a desired form by a gradual process of cutting, hammering, scraping, pressing, or stretching

When we talk of work, we mean many things. We are working together as church to be the presence of Christ in our worlds. We believe it takes hard work and effort to be church: to be in relationship with one another and seek God’s will together. Part of our response is to do God’s work – by taking care of our building, by serving our local community and giving and serving to missions projects around the United States and the world. We commit ourselves to the difficult but life-giving work of being and doing Life Together.

We are committed to meeting the needs in our local community here in Lawrence. We participate in Family Promise, LINK, and run our own food pantry. Also, we partner with local organizations through cash donations, food drives, blood drives, and clothing drives.

Community Witness
We support local organizations that provide services for those in need in our community. Some of the following organizations are among those we support financially:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Ballard Community Services
  • Health Care Access, Inc.
  • Lawrence Community Shelter
  • Douglas County Warm Hearts
  • Lawrence Ministerial Emergency Fund

Family Promise
Family Promise is a national program that creates a network of local area churches to provide shelter, food, and support services. Along with church partners, our congregation hosts families four times a year as a part of a holistic approach to poverty. For more information, visit their website at www.familypromise.org.

First Baptist Church and Peace Mennonite Church provide for L.I.N.K. the first Sunday of each month. We provide food for 150-200 men, women and children who are homeless or lonely and simply want to enjoy a meal with other people. Members of First Baptist make 12 casseroles each month and provide 6 members to help serve the meal.  We welcome any who would like to donate their time or make a cash donation to provide for the continued service of this ministry.

Food Pantry
Our congregation offers a weekly Food Pantry to provide health conscious non-perishable food items.  Congregation members bring food to worship on the first Sunday of the month.  The food pantry is operated by members who volunteer their time. The pantry is currently closed due to building renovations.  It will reopen sometime this summer.

We believe that we must reach beyond our boundaries of Lawrence into the rest of our country. Through short term mission trips across the country, donations to various organizations, and partnerships with regional organizations, we seek to serve the wider American community.

Bethel Neighborhood Center
The Bethel Neighborhood Center is an American Baptist inner city organization in Kansas City, Kansas. Their mission is “to offer a renewed sense of hope, through the sharing of material, educational, social, and spiritual resources. Through its valuable programs, Bethel bridges multiple ethnic and economic boundaries by being an active participating neighbor in the Kansas City, Kansas community.”  Our congregation gives cash contributions, and members regularly participate in work days. To learn more about Bethel Neighborhood Center visit their website at www.bethelcenter.org.

American Baptist Churches of the Central Region
Throughout our region, we have supported multiple organizations including the Bethel Neighborhood Center and the Murrow Indian Children’s Home. The American Baptist Churches of the Central Region includes churches in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. For more information about the Central Region, visit its website at www.abccr.org.

The Christian faith is one that has no national borders. We recognize the need to support our brothers and sisters throughout the world. The American Baptist International Ministries is our primary method of supporting missionaries and serving around the world.

American Baptist International Missions
We believe strongly in the work and efforts of our international missionaries through the American Baptist Churches. International Ministries mission is “to glorify God in all the earth by crossing cultural boundaries to help people come to Christ, grow in Christ and change their worlds with Christ.” International Ministries has seven focus areas in its approach to missions:

  • Leading people to faith and starting new churches
  • Training future church leaders
  • Creating economic opportunity and building futures
  • Abolishing human trafficking
  • Promoting health in an HIV/AIDS world
  • Opening the mind, empowering the heart
  • Seeking peace and offering refuge

In past years, we have hosted missionaries on furlough from Japan and Bulgaria.  In 2011, we conducted a church-wide mission trip to Haiti, in partnership with IM Missionaries Nzunga Mabudiga and Kihomi Ngwemi.  Currently, we are hosting a medical missionary-in-training, Louisene Desauguste, who hopes to return to Haiti and open a clinic to care for the needs of children.  For more information about these missionaries and American Baptist International Ministries visit their websites at www.internationalministries.org.

Operation Christmas Child
We participate most years in Operation Christmas Child, which sends gift boxes to children across the world at Christmas.  Several children and adults from the congregation participate as they assemble and mail gift boxes for children who would not otherwise receive a Christmas gift.

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