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Journey to Jerusalem

We’re doing a “Journey to Jerusalem” w/out leaving Lawrence! Help us collectively “travel” the 6,602 miles from Lawrence to Jerusalem by keeping track of the miles you walk, run, bike, swim, treadmill, get down to funky town, or however you like to move your body, between 2/14-4/1. (UPDATE on 4/1: We’re not quite there yet but keep going! We’ll continue until the we reach the 6,602 miles.) Try to make time spent accumulating these miles an intentional time of thinking about God and/or praying, or just being aware of God at work around you. Let us know how many miles you’ve traveled each week (on Sundays if possible) between now and Easter by one of the following ways, and we’ll update the progress chart! We’ll post a picture of the progress chart here weekly, too.

1) Email cheryl@firstbaptistlawrence.com

2) Join our FBC Strava club at https://www.strava.com/clubs/wwjr4fbc (The club is called WWJR of FBC (Where Would Jesus Ride/Run)

3) If you prefer low-tech: Fill out one of the slips of paper at church and drop it in the athletic shoebox in the narthex (the large central room you enter from the front double doors).

Lent is a journey, both an individual one and a congregational one. Let’s travel it together! Open to anyone of all ages, whether you’re a part of our congregation or not.