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Morning Prayer, First Sunday of Christmastide, 12.29.13

God With Us –

We sit and ponder along with Mary – all the stories we have heard, the promises made, the miraculous made flesh in our arms – and we are humbled. We are humbled, God, to think that, like Mary, our simple and quiet “yes” might change the world, that our simple and quiet “yes” might make your presence more fully known in this world.

mini-nativity-kate-cosgroveWe sing along with the angels – the treasured choruses of Glory to God – in excelsis deo. Music fills our ears, our breath, our space – our favorite carols to retell our favorite story. We are amazed God, and in our amazement we can form no other words but a song. As we lift our voices, may we be found singing your song.

We follow along with the Magi, in faith, in curiosity, – sometimes not sure what it is we follow, or why, but we step out in faith – following something as bright as a star, or as quiet as a still small voice. Sometimes, God, voices of doubt, and anger, and frustration drown out the voices of hope and peace, of joy and love. And yet still in faith we walk, we follow.

We weep along with Rachel – in lamentation. Knowing all too deeply the pain of loss, of grief, of sorrow, of longing, we cry out to you. We seek and ask what we do not know. We bear witness to violence, to injustice, to pain – in our own lives, in the lives of our family and our friends, in the lives of those near to us, and those whom we will never know. Yet, God, you know. We trust that you join in our weeping for your children. Bring us all peace. Comfort your people, O God.

We respond along with the shepherds. We cannot blame them, God, for their fear. They were afraid – your very presence, your Gospel interrupted their lives. We fear interruption too, God. We pretend we do not; we pretend that we want your light and life. In our fear, may we hear your words – do not fear – and may we respond in faith, telling all that we see and hear.

We abide along with Joseph. God we try so hard to do the right thing, to keep up appearances, to treat people well. Remind us that our very presence, our willingness to bear witness alongside others’ faith is an act of faith itself. Keep us attentive to your work in the world and may we bear witness to your dwelling.

We pray along with Jesus, the words he taught us to pray – Our Father…

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