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Morning Prayer

Rev. Melissa Lumpkin, praying:


Loving God,

We entered this prayer time with our confession.  Now we come before you in praise.  You are a mighty God, a merciful God.  We praise your holy name.  As we look around at the works of your creation, we are awed by the majesty and beauty of creation.  The vibrant colors of plants, animals, and sky inspire us to praise your creativity.  We take a look at family members and friends and are in awe of them.  We are in awe of how you created them to be.  We are so thankful to be a part of your creation.  We are so thankful to be a part of a family (whether by blood or by church or by circumstances).  We are thankful for your creation which sustains us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  God, you truly are awesome.  We praise your Holy name.

Creator God, we also come before you to offer prayers of supplication.  We lift up in prayer those we partner with in ministry:  Link, Family Promise, and Justice Matters.  We lift up in prayer those on staff and those who volunteer.  May they have the wisdom, the creativity, the compassion, and the discernment they need in order to meet the needs of those who come to them.  We lift up in prayer those who use those ministries to meet their needs.  May they find hope, compassion and justice.  May all those who are a part of these ministries grow closer to you.  We lift up in prayer those who are sick, hungry, homeless, hurting and lonely.  We lift up in prayer those who are in ministry and those who lead our city, state and country.   We ask for your presence to be made known to all.



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