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Morning Prayer

We open the paper and see it again.
Another bombing. This time a hospital desperately trying to heal.
Another shooting. At places once considered safe and protected.
Another political fight, another scorched earth fight to the death from those whose job it is to compromise and govern together.

And so we ask, “How long, O Lord, how long?”

Open our eyes to see the truth around us and to name it for the sin that it is.
Open our ears to hear your voice in the trials and tribulations and wars and rumors of wars.
Open our hearts, so that we might not judge and condemn and presume we know all the answers. Kill our egos and our arrogant pronouncements and help us to see you.

We open our minds and we see it again.

Another hard working teacher, patiently explaining it again until the light bulb comes on.
Another beautiful sunrise, with your moon and planets shining in the brightening day.
Another family bowing their heads in prayer, as they remind each other of the bounty before them.

And so we say, “Your mercies are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness!”

Lord, we know the violence and fighting will not end, this side of your Eternity. But we also know that your mercies will not end, either!

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