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Morning Prayer, 3.16.14, Lent 2

From where does our help come?

We look to the hills. We lift our eyes to the sky – wide before us.13293_587265398282_7243462_n

We cry out – we echo the voice of Job – How long, O Lord?

How long will we fight and battle? How long until we lay our weapons of war at your feet? How long until we beat and bend our swords into pruning hooks?

How long will we hoard and fear scarcity? How long until we share and cooperate? How long until we seek food enough for all our neighbors?

We cry out – we wonder How Long?

We look to the hills and seek help – from our disease, from our pain and affliction, from shattered pieces of dreams, hopes, worries, fears.

How long until we are no long under the sway of hate? How long until we choose the way of your love? How long until we call all persons brother and sister? How long until we can see your image in the eyes of all people?

We cry out – we wonder if it’s too late. We see the destruction, We see the spoils of war. We see the irreparable hurt and grief and pain all around us. We wonder if it’s too late for You.

We lift our eyes – we look to the hills, we look to the sky.

Come among us, God. As sure as you will not slumber, rise us from our sleep. Meet us in our wondering; meet us in our longing.

Help us find anew our trust in you. May our confession echo the Psalmist this morning, knowing that you will keep our life. You will keep our going out and our coming in – this day and forever.

We cry out, we pray, we hope – all these things in Jesus’ name, as we lift our voices together to pray the prayer he taught us…

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