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Morning Prayer, 3.23.14, Lent 3

God –

We believe, help our unbelief.

We believe that you are the Creator. Help our unbelief when we attempt to hold things in our hands. Forgive our feeble attempts and manipulation and control.brokencall1

We believe that you call your Creation Good. Help our unbelief when we mistake our call to dominion for freedom to destroy and abuse the world.  Teach us to see the world with your sight – finding beauty and goodness in all of creation.

We believe that we are broken. Help our unbelief – when we trust in ourselves only, when we believe that we can make ourselves whole. Meet us in our brokenness; teach us how to love ourselves and one another in the midst of pain, hurt, and misunderstanding.

We believe you created us to be in community with one another. Help our unbelief when we think we can go it alone, when we put ourselves first at the expense of the needs and desires and wellbeing of one another. Teach us once again the difficult truth of sacrifice and vulnerability to be your kind of community.

We believe that you intend us for wholeness. Help our unbelief when we cling to our fears or our anxiety instead of choosing the risk of your healing. When we choose to call our brokenness whole, meet us and heal us.

We believe that you call us to new life. Help our unbelief when we remain complacent or unmoved. Open us up to your future and your abundant life of grace and love.

We believe in the hope and promise of resurrection and re-creation. Help our unbelief when we turn to powers of death instead. When we choose to meet violence with violence, or abuse with abuser, or when we choose to remain complicit in unjust systems and structures, grant us courage to seek life in the midst of forces that push us to death.

We believe that love is more powerful than the forces of death and despair. Help our unbelief when it seems easier to choose fear, darkness, dimness or worry. Moment by moment light our ways with your light.

God, we believe. Help our unbelief.


We pray all these things in the name of Jesus, who taught us to pray…

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