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Morning Prayer, 3.30.14, Lent 4

Job 38

God –

Answer us out of the whirlwind – speak to us.illusion-of-reality

Out of the whirlwind of unknown futures, uncertain prognoses, maddening and overwhelming responsibilities speak peace.

Out of the whirlwind of questions that seem bigger than our feeble certitude, of fears that threaten to swallow us whole, when it all seems so huge  – remind us that you are bigger than all our fears and worry and darkness.

It seems easy, God, to read the story of Job with distance – detached and maybe a little judgmental. Or maybe we read the story and slowly let out our sigh of relief that at least things aren’t that bad.

Out of the whirlwind give us wisdom to our core.

We profess that you are the Creator – you laid the earth’s foundations and determined its measurements. It was you, God, who laid the world’s cornerstone. You were there when the morning stars sang together and all of heaven shouted for Joy.

You have commanded the morning for each of our days, and for days upon days before we opened our eyes, and gasped our first breath.

It is your Spirit, God, who inhabits every corner of the world. You know our inmost parts just as you have entered the sea and walked the recesses of the deep. You know the expanse of the earth, the sea, the skies – heaven and earth are yours, God. We can hardly comprehend our place in this universe among universes.

You lift your voice to the clouds – you bring all things into being. Without you nothing is made.

Grant us wisdom. Out of the whirlwind speak your love into our hearts and our minds.

We profess all this in the name of your Son, who taught us to pray, Our Father…

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