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Morning Prayer

Rev. Cheryl Harader

Eternal God,
We bring our prayers to you with confidence, as followers of Jesus Christ.
You have heard us as we confessed to you; you know our troubles and the troubles of those we love and of those we don’t even know. We turn to you, knowing that your loving kindness surrounds and upholds us and others as we travel through those troubles.
In your mercy Lord, hear our prayers.
You have seen our hearts as we have desired objects and activities that take our attention away from you. In that way, they have become idols. You have also seen our hearts as we have desired to draw closer to you. Lord, in your mercy grant us the desire to draw closer to you and not allow other things to pull us away.
God, we look beyond ourselves to our community, and ask that the power of your Holy Spirit be known in all aspects of living. We especially remember this morning those who struggle with mental illness and the people who love them; we remember those who struggle for decent housing for themselves and their families; and remember our children who don’t believe that anyone cares for them, the ones who “fall through the cracks” in society. Bless them all dear God through the work of your Church in the town, as it is empowered by your Spirit.
We are gathered as Your people this morning to open our lives to receive your Spirit, not knowing where you might lead or what we might have to do. But here we are, loving you so that we might better love ourselves and our neighbors.
It is in that love that we raise to you the prayer that Jesus taught us, saying, “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done . . .”

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