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Morning Prayer

Rev. Cheryl Harader


Eternal God,
You have heard our confessions, and we have known and continue to live in your forgiving, loving presence. Our hearts are so full of gratitude that we just don’t know where to begin.
Remind us this morning that you are our first love, and fill our lives with the fire of your Holy Spirit. May we live our lives in the assurance that you are a God of love, a God of hopes and dreams, and a God of action. Open our lives and our hearts to hear your hopes and dreams for us and for all of your creation, and then give us the wisdom and the strength to follow Jesus Christ in all we do.
Yes, we know it could be difficult at times, maybe even a bit scary; we know we might be unsure at time, maybe even stubborn. But God you are greater than our fears, and your love is stronger than any stubbornness or uncertainty in our lives. Give us the strength, the love, and the grace to live as your children, in our families, in this church, and in your world.
We need all of you. We give you all of us.
In love and with the hope of new life in Jesus Christ, we offer to you the prayer that he taught us, saying….

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