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Morning Prayer

On this day upon which the cold erupts, Lord, may we feel your warmth.

We watch the forecast, checking hourly for updates, numbers. One inch. Three inches. A trace. It is like we are watching the score of a basketball game tick back and forth. In the end, will we win or will we lose? Yet, for so many, it is more than a disappointment or an inconvenience at the end of the final buzzer. For so many, the weather means a change in where they will sleep, how they will afford the heating bill, what has to be cut out of next month’s expenses. For those who suffer – truly suffer – this winter, we pray. We pray that you might inspire us to be your hands and feet, representing your justice and your salvation. Help us to show mercy, to serve the least of these, and to love as you would have us to love.


On this day upon which the cold erupts, Lord, may we feel your warmth.

It is in the numbing that we seek you this morning. The numbing, not only of our toes and our fingers, but of our souls. Deep down, we feel the darkness of sin around and within us. Of broken relationship. Of haughty selfishness. Of fear and violence. Yet, to respond, we choose not to face that sin, but to numb it. If we distract enough, drink and eat enough, Netflix binge enough, we will cease to feel the cold anymore. And while it is not true warmth, it is at least activity, and in the activity, we pretend as if we feel something real. God, bring us to our knees in true vulnerability, true honesty before you and each other. Bring us to the place where we can see the light of your face and feel the warmth of your love. Bring us to a deep knowing of who we are to you, and in that knowing, may we see your image reflecting back to us.


On this day upon which the cold erupts, Lord, may we feel your warmth.

May we turn our eyes into the neighborhoods and cul-de-sacs that surround us, asking you to transform us into a place of welcome and warmth. May we serve as your church on the corner, showing others the true warmth of your love and grace. May we look to the dorms to the East, the businesses to the South, the homes to the West, and the churches to the North and ask “who would you have us to be at 1330 Kasold Drive in Lawrence, Kansas?” May we understand with new grace how we are to be a shelter in the wind, a sanctuary for the lonely, a city on the hill. May we understand how we can and must open our doors to those seeking your warmth this day.

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