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Morning Prayer, Advent 1

December 1, 2013

God with us –

We hear the call to arise – to wake from our slumber. We hear the promise that our light has come – that our salvation has drawn near.A man holds a candle during a vigil for United Nations workers and other victims of Tuesday's Haiti earthquake, at Dag Hammarskjold Park

But God, it is hard to wake up. We are just emerging out of our turkey and casserole and pie slumber, and it is not easy to want to be awake in the world. It is cold and bitter and dark – and we are drawn to the heat and stillness and light of our own making. The world wants us to awake and arise to sales and shopping and decorations and manufactured needs. You call us to awake to your new creation.

We know in this season of waiting that we wait for our salvation – we wait for the promise of Emmanuel – of God with us – and yet we remain distracted. Instead we find ourselves waiting on gifts, waiting on the worries of pleasing family and friends.

We hear the call to arise – that our light has come. Help us find pause to find our true light in these busy days. When we are distracted by strings of lights, remind us of your light that proclaims captives’ liberty. When we are distracted by the lights of blinking screens filled with advertisements, remind us of your light that binds up the broken-hearted and comforts those who grieve.  When we are distracted by the lights of the world, remind us of your light that makes even the mountains burst in song.

We come this day always distracted, always busy, always eager for something we think we know. Fill us this day with the patience of your Advent hope – with the anticipation of your advent joy – with the promise of your Advent peace. May we find our light in you this day – fill us with wonder as we seek out the light of your love.

We pray all this in your son’s name, Amen.

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