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Morning Prayer for Labor Sunday


God of work and God of wonder,

On this Labor Sunday, we look at your world to see your handiwork, and we are amazed.  Your word teaches us that your creative work included moments of labor and moments of rest.  May we rejoice in the example that you have set out before us.  May we revel in the work of your fingers.  And may we celebrate the blessing that it is to join your work of creation, as your gifts allow us to create beauty, create loveliness, and create splendor, in the example of work that you gave us.

God of work and God of provision,

On this Labor Sunday, we look at your world and are filled with gratitude for those whose work sustains us.  For the truck driver who delivers our food.  For the manager who blends individuals into teams.  For the teacher who educates our children.  For the office worker who organizes our lives.  For all who labor and work to bring sustenance and flourishing to our world, thank you.  For those who live in some level of retirement, thank you for the work that they have done in their lives, and thank you for the volunteer vocation that now employs them.  For the work that sustains our society and our world, we thank you, Lord.

God of work and God of abundance,

On this Labor Sunday, we look at your world with heavy hearts that even in a land of plenty, so many go without.  God, we pray for ways that our greed and our apathy cause the work of others to be unjustly denied equal payment.  For the farmer who grows our food, only to be paid pennies on the dollar what their work is worth.  For the server who lives off of tips, yet yearns for a living wage to be able to feed her family.  For the commuters and business travelers who are forced away from their families to be able to support them.  For the women or people of color who are given but a portion of the wages that their colleagues make for the same work.  Lord, you have given us enough to spare, yet too few hoard riches while too many others go without.  Forgive us, we pray.  Turn our hearts toward the poor.  Give us eyes to see those workers who struggle to find a place to live, nutritious meals for their children, or the medicines they need to be healthy.  May we be instruments of your peace and your justice, so that all might experience your shalom.

God of work and God of glory,

We sing of the saints in our lives, who from their labors rest.  By the example of those whose eternal work is to worship and adore you, we now lift our voices and our hearts.  We thank you that your eternity awaits – eternity in which true shalom is met, true justice is achieved, and true trust is the labor of our days.

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