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Morning Prayer for Mothers Day

This morning, Lord, we want to say thank you for our mothers.  For most of us, our mothers have been supportive, loving, nurturing, strong, and have taught us in many ways how to live.  They have modeled your love in that they care and offer grace to us whatever we do, even when we mess up.  Whether it be a phone call, a card, a special gift, or a big hug, help us to say thank you to our moms today.

Bless the mothers in our midst today that they would feel our gratitude and your love on this day.

But there are others who feel left out this Mothers day, and we want to remember them as well:

For those who have not had positive experiences with their mothers…abuse, violence, neglect, absence.  Be with those that feel only pain from that relationship as they feel left out.

For those who have desperately wanted to be mothers, but were unable to, we pray.  And for those that have lost children, we offer a special prayer of consolation on this day.

For those who are grieving the loss of their mothers this day, we pray.  For those for whom this is the first Mother’s Day for some without their moms, without someone to send a card to.  Others are living with the realization that even if they send the card, their mothers won’t know because of the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s.  We lift the grieving this Mother’s Day.

And for those who have been mothers in non-traditional ways…aunts, big sisters, grandmothers, or just close friends that have taken us in as mothers – we are thankful for their relationships in our lives also today.

So most of all on this Mothers Day, when we speak of love and compassion, we give our praise to you.  Lord of all Love and Compassion, we thank you for your Mothering presence in our lives.  May we take the love that you give us and choose to share it with others.  May your love motivate us to love.

And may your prayer motivate us to pray.

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