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Morning Prayer, January 12, 2014

God who is the water of life,

Be life to us this day. Bring us to the renewal of your Spirit, the movement f your Life. You are eternal. Speak of your eternal life when ourriver-of-life-deborah-brown own vision is short. When our own lives feel so very short – often cut off too soon, too painfully, too abruptly.

Bring us to the rivers of Living Water – and may we be met with healing. May our bodies find wholeness even as they feel imperfect, even as they often seem to fight against life. Heal our spirits – afflict us when we are comfortable and comfort us in our affliction. Heal our minds – grant us peace and light in our darkness.

God we are old friends with the storm – the literal storms that rush and ravage and rage. We worry about pipes and gutters and roads and roofs. We are old friends with storms that toss us through anxiety, sickness, worry, fear.

Bring us courage – to face the waters, to trust your life-giving waters.

May the words of Revelation in scripture be our prayer today: You are the Alpha and the Omega. To the thirsty you give water as a gift from the spring of the water of life. You will be our God and we will be your children. You will dwell among us. We will be your peoples, and you will be with them. You will wipe every tear from our eyes. Death will be no more; Mourning and crying and pain will be no more.  May it be so O God.

God you are the Alpha and Omega – you are our beginning and our end. Much as we try to write our own stories, much as we try to determine our own ways, much as we try to decide our own means and ends of success, your truth is that life from beginning to end is written by your hand. Sometimes we don’t like this truth, God. Sometimes it seems we must invite the chaos in, and we’d rather believe we can control and predict life. Invite us into your story in new ways today. Invite us to respond to your life. May we find our beginning and our end in you. This day and all days.

We pray all these things in the name of your son, Jesus, who taught us to pray…

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