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Morning Prayer, January 26, 2014

God, you are the Journey and you are the Journey’s end.[i]

doveYou are our creator – you know us inside and out. You knit us together as persons created in your image, and as a community of love and grace. Create and re-create us again as we wrestle and wonder how to love and serve you with our whole hearts. May we rest in the truth and security that we are worthy of your love, that we belong in your kingdom as your children.

You are our redeemer – you have brought us out of our darkness – the darkness we create and the darkness of a broken world. God we are often more fond of wallowing in the darkness, of punishing ourselves that we neglect, forget, refuse to rest in the promise of your redeeming love. Sit with us, walk along side us, be with us. Redeem us by your presence and the constancy of your love and grace.

You are our sustainer – you promised us peace, eternal, life-giving, life-changing peace. Sustain us in that promise. When we are tempted toward restlessness, angst, anger, small-mindedness, offer the gift of patience, peace, and abiding hope.

God, you invite us into your work of creating, redeeming and sustaining. May we accept your invitation. May we work to be co-creators in your kingdom, instead of working to destroy or tear down.

May we work to be co-redeemers, in large and small ways, by sharing in the work of your love and grace.

May we work to be co-sustainers, by sharing in the hope and promise of your peace.

In our worship, in our work, in our welcome, and in our wonder, may we be about your Kingdom, and not our own selfish or self-sustaining tasks. Slow us down; open our eyes, our hearts, and our hands to You and Your mission.

It is through Jesus we pray all these things, as we lift our voices together in the prayer her first taught us…

[i] Respectfully lifted from Roger Paynter. Thanks, Roger.

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