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Morning Prayer, November 25, 2018

A Prayer for Christ the King Sunday

Sovereign Lord, we worship so many other kings:


The kings of perfection tell us we are never quite good enough.

The kings of distraction keep us from the quietness and stillness that feed our soul.

The kings of suspicion tell us to look over our shoulder because we are never really safe.

The kings of broken relationship whisper “if they don’t like me, it’s my fault.”

The kings of busyness raise their eyebrows if we aren’t doing three things at once.

The kings of lust tell us we must possess all we see.

The kings of injustice tell us that we are inherently more important than those we encounter.

The kings of image tell us that we will only be loved if we look the part.

The kings of ideology chant “it’s my way or the highway.”


We worship so many other kings.

But you, God, are the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Re-orient us to your Kingdom today.


King of love, help us know we are worthy in spite of our mistakes.

King of joy, laugh with us as we discover the pleasure of your creation and your beauty.

King of peace, grant us clarity that we are made in your image.

King of patience, keep telling us that we have gifts and purpose and are needed by others.

King of kindness, celebrate with us that we bring something good and beautiful into the world.

King of goodness, show us that we don’t need to compare myself to others to be valued by you.

King of faithfulness, tell us that there will be enough for us of what we truly need.

King of gentleness, teach us that we can be gentle without being weak.

King of self-control, remind us that our happiness doesn’t depend on others.


King of kings and Lord of Lords, reign over our hearts and over our minds.  You are the God of all wisdom and we praise you with all that we are.  Amen.

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