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Helping a Hurting Friend: Grief 06-07-2020

Helping a Hurting Friend: Grief 06-07-2020
Helping a Hurting Friend

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“Helping a Hurting Friend: Grief” with Pastor Matt Sturtevant and Jesse Heilman, Music Therapist – Board Certified, the first message of four in the June 2020 worship series on mental health entitled Helping a Hurting Friend. Scripture reference: 2 Samuel 18:31–19:4. In this series, Pastor Matt invites mental health experts from our own FBC congregation to assist him with various mental health topics.

Podcast includes entire worship service. (Bulletin)

The following music is used by permission under CCLI license #20126570:

“Holy, Holy, Holy”
Robert J. Hughes
Based on the tune NICAEA by John Dykes MCMLXXXIV Lorenz Publishing Co.
(The Organist’s Companion For the Church Year Book II—compiled by Lee Gwozdz)

“Celtic Alleluia” Fintan O’Carroll/Christopher Walker
©1985, 1996, Fintan O’Carroll and Christopher Walker
Published by OCP Publications

“Children of the Heavenly Father”
Arr. Anna Laura Page
©2008 Birnamwood Publications

“Let Us Break Bread Together”
Arr. Walter Knapp and Ruth Elaine Schram
©2007 GlorySound

Mary Jackson Cathey
©1990 Hope Publishing Company

“When Sorrow Floods the Troubled Heart”
Paul Simpson Duke and Rebecca Turner
Tune: Resignation
©2010 Celebrating Grace, Inc.

“Not Alone for Mighty Empire”
Based on a traditional Dutch Melody
©MCMLXXXVI Lorenz Publishing Co.
(Pipe Dusters Volume Two—compiled by James Mansfield)

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