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Let There Be 08-09-2020

“Let There Be,” the 8/9/2020 sermon (from the peak of Raspberry Mountain in Colorado!) by Pastor Matt Sturtevant, and the 2nd sermon in the A Season of Creation worship series. (The 1st sermon in the series was at Car Church in the parking lot on Sat. 8/8.) Podcast includes entire worship service.

Music licensing: The following music was used with permission under CCLI streaming license #20126570.

“Let the Earth Rejoice!”
Dale Wood
© 1996 The Sacred Music Press

“I Sing the Mighty Power of God”
Tune: FOREST GREEN Ralph Vaughan Williams (1906)
Text: Isaac Watts (1715)
Public domain.

“Creation Sings”
Tune & Text: CREATION SINGS, by Keith Getty, Stuart Towend, & Kristyn Getty (2008).
©2008 ThankYou Music (Admin. by EMI CMG Publishing)

“How Great Thou Art”
Tune: HOW GREAT THOU ART. Tune & text by Stuart K. Hine. Tune, 1948; text, 1953.
©1953 S. K. Hine. Ren. 1981. Administrator: Manna Music, Inc.

“Let My Words Be Few”
Matt and Beth Redman/Arr. Phillip Keveren
©2002, Kingsway’s ThankYou Music.

“God Has Given Us Creation”
Tune: JUBILEE. Harm. by Donald Murphy (2008). Harm. © 2010 Celebrating Grace, Inc.
Text: David W. Music (1997). ©1998 Broadman Press.

“Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven”
Lani Smith (Lauda Anima by John Goss)
©1975, Lorenz Publishing Co.

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