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Seven Unholy Habits: Avarice & Gluttony 03-29-2020

“Seven Unholy Habits: Avarice & Gluttony,” the 3/29/2020 sermon by Pastor Matt Sturtevant, part of the Seven Unholy Habits Lenten worship series. (Podcast includes full worship service.) Scripture reference: Matthew 6.25–34.

A bulletin with the order of worship is available at https://bit.ly/2QOCyXK.

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Although “In the Garden” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness” were identified in YouTube’s copyright summary, the versions of these songs in this video are in the public domain.

“When Jesus Walked in Galilee,” words by Warren Charles Klein, music by Clara Edwards. Musical score, published by G. Schirmer Inc., New York, 1928
CCLI License #20126570


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