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Sometimes You Have to Laugh! 09-27-2020

“Sometimes You Have to Laugh!” is the 9/27/2020 sermon by Pastor Matt Sturtevant. Scripture reference: Genesis 30:14–24. This is part of the “A Narrative Journey” series that will follow the Narrative Lectionary from September 13 through the end of May 2021.

Music Licensing: The following music is used by permission under CCLI license #20126570:

“I Stand at the Threshold” (Arioso)
(Sinfonia to Cantata No. 156)
J.S. Bach / E. Power Biggs
©1945, H.W. Gray Co.

“Baptized in Water”
Words: Michael Saward (1981)
Music: Trad. Gaelic melody; harm. Mark Edwards
Words ©1982 The Jubilante Group (Admin. Hope Publishing Co)
Harm. ©2010 Celebrating Grace, Inc.

“Glory Be To The Father”
Words: Anonymous, 4th cent.
Music: Henry W. Greatorex, 1851
Public domain.

“We Praise Thee, O God”
Words: William P. Mackay, 1863.
Music: John J. Husband, 1815.
Public domain.

“O Come Little Children”
Folk tune (public domain) arr. by Evelyn Falen.
©2020, Evelyn Falen, used by permission.

“Come, Holy Spirit, Dove Divine”
Words: Adoniram Judson (1829, alt)
Music: H. Percy Smith (1874)
Public domain.

“Von fremden Ländern und Menschen” (Of Foreign Lands and People) by Robert Schumann
From Kinderszenen Op. 15, “Scenes From Childhood”, 1838.
Public domain.

TUNE: OLD 100th
Tune & text by Thomas Ken (1674)
Public domain.

“Concerto in A Minor, Op. 3, No. 6, 1st Mvt”
Violin part by A. Vivaldi, arr. T. Nachéz (public domain).
Instrumental accompaniment by Suzuki.
©1980, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (Alfred Music, Summy-Birchard, Warner-Chappell)

“Since Jesus Came Into My Heart”
Words:Rufus H. McDaniel, 1914
Music: Charles H. Gabriel, 1914
Public domain.

“Rondeau” (PBS Masterpiece Theater Theme)
Jean Joseph Mouret/Arr. by Evelyn Falen
©1729, Public domain.
Arr. ©2020, Evelyn Falen, used by permission.

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