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Three Saints 11-01-2020

Pastor Matt Sturtevant’s sermon, “Three Saints,” is based on 1 Kings 17:1–16, and is part of the “A Narrative Journey” series that follows the Narrative Lectionary from September through the end of May 2021, and its November sub-series, “Catalyst: The Prophets and First Baptist.” Podcast includes (almost) the entire worship service.

FYI, we had a few technical difficulties with the livestream on 11/1. Because we had to restart the stream, we ended up with two videos for the 11/1 worship service. In this podcast, the audio from those two videos is spliced together. (Please note, there are still some sound issues in the first few minutes, but for most of it the sound is good.)

Music licensing: The following music is used by permission under CCLI streaming license #20126570.


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