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Breathe on Me

Breathe on Me John 20:19–23 They gathered together, inside the house. Inside, they knew each other. Inside, they trusted that they were safe. But out there, on the outside, they couldn’t be sure. Couldn’t trust that the people they saw on the streets were not a danger to them. They were afraid. Afraid of what […]

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Claiming the Call 02-09-2020

“Claiming the Call,” the 2/9/2020 sermon by Rev. Claire Chadwick, guest preacher on the occasion of Martha Stearns Marshall Sunday. Begins with reading of John 12:1-11. Sermon begins at 1:54.

Claire is a licensed American Baptist pastor and has recently started a graduate program at Central Theological Seminary, working toward a Masters in Counseling. In addition to schooling, she has been involved in anti-poverty campaigns with the Kairos Center, out of Union Theological Seminary, for over 10 years. She is currently a community organizer with the Kansas Poor People’s Campaign and Kansas Interfaith Action.

Martha Stearns Marshall was an 18th-century Baptist woman who preached alongside her husband. Since 2007, Baptist Women in Ministry has encouraged churches to invite a woman as guest preacher during February in her honor. This annual event has become a deeply significant source of joy and discovery for many churches, including those of us at FBC Lawrence, in celebrating the giftedness of women in ministry.

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Becoming Who We Really Are: Intentional Witnesses 08-25-2019

“Becoming Who We Really Are: Intentional Witnesses,” the 8/25/2019 sermon by the Rev. John Williams, and the fifth in the 5-sermon series “Who Are We Becoming?” Begins with reading of John 1:35-42 and prayer; sermon begins at 2:11.

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Here, There, and Everywhere 08-18-2019

“Here, There, and Everywhere,” the 8/18/2019 sermon by Dava Cooper, FBC Youth Spiritual Formation Intern. It’s the fourth sermon in a 5-sermon series titled Who Are We Becoming? Begins with reading of John 7:4-18 and prayer. Sermon begins at 1:01.

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Learning from the Legends: Thomas Merton Teaches Us Contemplation 03-10-2019

“Learning from the Legends: Thomas Merton Teaches Us Contemplation,” Pastor Matt Sturtevant’s 3/10/2019 sermon and the 2nd in a 7-part series. (You can find Part 1, “Teresa of Avila Teaches Us Confession,” here–text only–sorry, no video nor podcast available.) Begins with reading of John 15.1-8; sermon begins at 1:25.

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