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Spy Wednesday: Judas’s Story

Matthew 26.1-5 Judas looked down at the scroll in his hands. It had been delivered quietly, stealthily, by a special messenger, to his hands only. He had figured out an excuse to leave Jesus and the disciples so that he could find a dark corner and read what it said. Now to see it in […]

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Transfiguration Sunday: Listen!

Luke 9.28-43 It’s 11:00 on Sunday morning, and the churches of Church Row in the middle of downtown are all filling up quickly.  Across the street from each other are two congregations who are having a very different experience on this Sunday morning. On one side of the street is Devotion and Emotion Bible Church.  […]

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Unanswered Prayers: Theology

Job 38.1-11 It is a familiar scene, perhaps one that has happened in your own home.  A young child is ready to go to bed, has had her nighttime story and a glass of milk.  She says her prayers and sits quietly for a moment as she thinks.  Then with big, innocent eyes, she looks […]

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