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I Doubt It: God Wrote Every Word of the Bible

How many of you have been to the Grand Canyon? It is a beautiful and majestic sight!  We saw it now several years ago, when the photography world was transitioning between film and digital.  I still had a film camera, and so I took rolls and rolls of film, trying to capture this amazing beauty […]

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Is it Okay to Doubt?

Romans 14.1-12 “Here, take this.  I don’t need it anymore.” I looked down and in my hands was a cassette tape of the new Sister Hazel album.  My friend explained that he was giving away all of his secular music.  He had come to the conclusion that being a real Christian meant ridding oneself of […]

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The Tie that Binds

Matthew 18.15-20 Anne Hutchinson loved God.  And she believed that God loved her.  But there were members of her church who weren’t quite sure. Anne believed and taught some things that made the leadership of her church nervous.  And paired with the fact that she was a woman in the year 1638, in the Puritan […]

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Are You Sure That’s in There? Haggai

Hilda heard the strains of the familiar hymn and was transported to another time.  She closed her eyes and remembered the very first time she had heard that song.  She was a little girl, in this very same sanctuary.  In those days, the organ terrified her.  It was so loud that it shook the old […]

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Are You Sure that’s in the Bible? 3 John

Monica watched the news in horror.  The reaction to Charlottesville consumed her.  Day in and day out, she couldn’t take her eyes off of the cable news channels.  She wanted to see every interview, every reaction, what politician said what.  It bordered on obsessive. But for Monica, it was personal.  Her father was white and […]

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Are You Sure That’s in the Bible? Obadiah

Obadiah 1-2, 10-14 Imagine with me a scenario. It is a beautiful evening, and your children have been playing with friends in the neighborhood.  It is starting to get dark, so you decide that you will take a walk and find them to call them home.  But as you turn the corner, you are shocked […]

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Does the Whole Bible Matter?

Matthew 5.17-20 I want to start out with a quiz.  I want you to write down your three favorite books of the Bible.  Where does your favorite passage come from?  Or if you know a story, but don’t know where it comes from, write that down.  Or just put them in your mind if you […]

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A Valued Collection

Matthew 13.44-46 When I was in middle school, I got into a collecting phase.  I loved collecting stuff.  I had a pennant collection on my wall, with pennants from different sports teams and places I had been.  I had a little toy cannon collection, which I collected every time we visited a historic battlefield.  I […]

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Getting Lost in the Weeds

I should have left well enough alone. I read through the whole article, but that’s where I made my mistake…I opened the Comments section.  Usually a mistake. You know what I am talking about, right?  Online articles often include space to comment about the article afterwards.  It is often anonymous, and can get pretty harsh.  […]

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Laughing at God

Genesis 18.1-15 David and Lisa looked down at the pregnancy test.  A minus sign.  Again. David’s eyes filled with tears.  Lisa didn’t have any tears left. He went down in the basement, and she went to go sit on the porch swing by herself to collect her thoughts.  They had tried for so long.  They […]

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