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The Eyes of the Heart

I Kings 19.11-13 How many of you all know the book, used the book, or know someone who has used the book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting?  Written by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel, it has sold millions of copies, and has spawned thirteen follow-up titles: What to Expect the First Year, the Toddler […]

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Blinded by the Light: Ananias

 Acts 9.10-19a “People like that shouldn’t even be called Christian.” Ever thought these words to yourself? Ever said them out loud? I won’t ask you to raise your hand, nor will I ask you to say out loud WHO it is that you said it about. But if you have had that thought or […]

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Blinded by the Light: Saul

 Acts 9.1-9 How many of you all have ever seen a blind cave fish? Their name explains most of what you need to know about them. They are fish that live in caves, and are—you guessed it—blind. In fact, they don’t even have eyes. Scientists believe that over time, living in streams and underground […]

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Spy Wednesday: Judas’s Story

Matthew 26.1-5 Judas looked down at the scroll in his hands. It had been delivered quietly, stealthily, by a special messenger, to his hands only. He had figured out an excuse to leave Jesus and the disciples so that he could find a dark corner and read what it said. Now to see it in […]

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