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I Wonder Who Wrote the Book of Love 11-22-2020

“I Wonder Who Wrote the Book of Love,” the 11/22/2020 sermon by Pastor Matt Sturtevant. It’s based on Jeremiah 36 and 31, and is part of the A Narrative Journey series that follows the Narrative Lectionary from September through the end of May 2021, and its November sub-series, Catalyst: The Prophets and First Baptist. Podcast includes entire worship service.

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I Wonder Who Wrote the Book of Love

Jeremiah 31 and 36 In the days of slavery in the United States and the Caribbean, one of the ways that slaveowners would seek to pacify their Black slaves was to show them the Bible. But not all of it. Perhaps you have heard of what is commonly called the Slave Bible. The official name […]

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