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A Life of Awe 11-15-2020

“A Life of Awe,” the 11/15/2020 sermon by Pastor Matt Sturtevant, based on Isaiah 6.1-8. It’s part of the “A Narrative Journey” series that follows the Narrative Lectionary from September through the end of May 2021, and its November sub-series, “Catalyst: The Prophets and First Baptist.” Podcast includes entire worship service.

Music licensing: The following music is used by permission under CCLI streaming license #20126570:

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A Life of Awe

It was a long-time Thanksgiving tradition, and the Garcia family wasn’t about to give it up this year! Before the food could be passed, everyone had to go around and name at least one thing that they were thankful for. It had happened every year since Hector could remember, and the family wasn’t going to […]

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