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Seven Unholy Habits: Sloth 03-22-2020

“Seven Unholy Habits: Sloth,” the 3/22/2020 sermon by Pastor Matt Sturtevant. This podcast includes the worship service in its entirety. If you’d like, you can follow the order of worship in this bulletin. Also, this was FBC’s first virtual worship service, “aired” on YouTube Premieres. You can view it here.

Scripture reference: Romans 12.1–8

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Seven Unholy Habits: Sloth

  Romans 12.1–8 Seven Unholy Habits: Sloth Jill was at work again. No matter how early one showed up at the office, you couldn’t beat Jill there. And, for the most part, you couldn’t outlast her in the evening. She was almost always at the office. She did her work, then took on extra projects […]

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