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FBC choir director Mark Robinson has been looking for creative ways to include the entire congregation in singing during virtual worship, rather than just the choir. And we believe he’s found a way! ANYONE, of any ability, whether in choir or not, can participate. Even if you’ve never stepped foot in our building, but consider yourself a part of our virtual congregation, even temporarily, you can participate!

Here’s how it works, and how to participate.

The hymn is “All Creatures of Our God and King,” #307 in the blue Celebration of Grace hymnals we have at church. If you’re in Lawrence, you can stop by the church and check out a hymnal to take home. Or, if you’re unable to pick one up, you can have one delivered to you. Either way, contact the church office at 785-843-0020 ext. 203 or office@firstbaptistlawrence.com to request it.  If you’re not in Lawrence, contact the office to have the hymn page emailed (or even snail mailed) to you. (Yes, we’re covered for this by our CCLI license.)

  1. Rehearse a couple of times and warm up your voice if you like with the organ video below.
  2. Record a video of yourself singing along with the organ video below (tips below as well). You can do this at home, or Mark can meet you at church to record you with his phone. Contact Mark at mark@firstbaptistlawrence.com to arrange an appointment.
  3. There’s an organ intro that’s not shown in the music, and then verse 1 begins. There are 5 verses. Please record all 5 verses. Not a soloist? DON’T WORRY! Your voice will be blended with other voices in the completed virtual video that will be part of our virtual worship broadcast!
  4. Send your video to susan@firstbaptistlawrence.com. (If Mark records you at church, he’ll send it for you.)

We’re featuring one verse each week for 5 weeks in our worship livestream. On 1/17, four choir members, each singing a part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) were featured. In coming weeks, depending on number of participants, the video will show new people, and their voices will be combined with the voices of the first four people. So, feel free to sing whichever part calls to you!

Some how-tos and tips for recording:

  1. Use 2 devices, one for recording and one to watch/listen to the video below of the organ part.
  2. The only sound in your video must be you singing, without the organ in the background. So, you MUST use headphones (any kind) to hear the organ part on the device you’re watching the video on while you sing. Video editing magic will combine your voice with other voices and the organ.
  3. Set up the device you’re using as a video camera in a well-lit area, ideally with a plain background and with any light source in front of you (not in back of you—backlighting puts you in shadow).
  4. Use landscape orientation for your recording device. (Landscape = width larger than height)
  5. Center yourself in the frame, so that your torso fills most of the space from top to bottom and so that you’re looking straight ahead into the camera.

And be sure to thank Joanna Gillette for making our virtual singing videos possible with her fine video editing work! (But don’t send your videos to Joanna, send them to Susan for pre-processing.)