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Where Do We Go From Here?

In this 10-minute video, Pastor Matt considers the question, “Where do we go from here?” and shares what he has been doing in his own life in response to the cultural unrest and protests resulting from systemic racism. Here are a couple of links he mentions toward the end of the video:

1. His 7/5/2015 sermon video, “I Am a Racist,” an honest look at his own life and the life of the prophet Jonah, and also a look at how we “need to confess together and name this brokenness, not only in the world around us but in our own lives”:


2. This webpage about a digital protest happening on June 20, 2020 through the Poor People’s Campaign, “the Mass Poor People’s Assembly and Moral March on Washington…,” “…the largest digital gathering of poor, dispossessed and impacted people, faith leaders, and people of conscience…”:


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