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Youth Sunday: “Commitment to God is a Daily Calling”

January 12, 2020 was Youth Sunday, when the FBC youth lead us in worship on the theme “Commitment to God is a Daily Calling.” The video includes:

  • The call to worship (Caleb Lord)
  • The baptism of Sam Ferris by Pastor Matt Sturtevant
  • Scripture reading, Romans 12:1-2 from The Message Bible (Ethan Sturtevant)
  • Moment for Message on spiritual gifts
  • Scripture reading, Daniel 3:28, NRSV (Andrew Lord)
  • Scripture reading, Matthew 3:13-17, from The Message Bible (Matt Reimer)
  • Scripture reading, Matthew 16:21-26, NIV (Eli Hite)
  • Sermonettes by Eli Hite and Lucy Reimer
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