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What is Your Dream? 07-26-2020

“What is Your Dream?” is the 7/26/2020 sermon by guest preacher Rev. Jennifer Schneider, Associate Executive Minister of ABCCR. Scripture reference: I Kings 3:5–12.

Podcast includes entire worship service. Bulletin

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What is Your Dream?

I Kings 3:5–12 Rev. Jennifer Schneider, guest preacher Video includes entire worship service. Bulletin   Solomon, David and Bathsheba’s son, became David’s successor after a bitter fight in which Solomon forcibly suppressed a faction led by his brother, Adonijah.  During his early reign, he built up a strong army and created a vigorous economy by […]

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Hope and Promise 04-26-2020

“Hope and Promise,” the 4/26/2020 sermon by Dava Cooper, FBC Intern for Youth Spiritual Formation. Podcast includes entire worship service. (Bulletin: https://bit.ly/2VAewTf) Scripture reference: Acts 2:14a, 36–41.

CCLI License #20126570 (streaming add-on)

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Hope and Promise

by Dava Cooper, FBC Intern for Youth Spiritual Formation Acts 2:14a, 36-41 Good morning, it is wonderful to be here with you today to share a message of Hope and Promise, even if it is electronically. I do have Pastor Matt and Rev John Williams here and if that’s not intimidating then I don’t know […]

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Help…Me! I Think I Have a Heart Problem 03-01-2020

“Help…Me! I Think I Have a Heart Problem,” the 3/1/2020 sermon by LaMoine Tatum, FBC Intern of Youth Spiritual Formation. This is the second sermon in a seven-part Lenten sermon series, Seven Unholy Habits, this one on the topic of lust. Begins with reading of Matthew 4:1–11. Sermon begins at 1:46.

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Claiming the Call 02-09-2020

“Claiming the Call,” the 2/9/2020 sermon by Rev. Claire Chadwick, guest preacher on the occasion of Martha Stearns Marshall Sunday. Begins with reading of John 12:1-11. Sermon begins at 1:54.

Claire is a licensed American Baptist pastor and has recently started a graduate program at Central Theological Seminary, working toward a Masters in Counseling. In addition to schooling, she has been involved in anti-poverty campaigns with the Kairos Center, out of Union Theological Seminary, for over 10 years. She is currently a community organizer with the Kansas Poor People’s Campaign and Kansas Interfaith Action.

Martha Stearns Marshall was an 18th-century Baptist woman who preached alongside her husband. Since 2007, Baptist Women in Ministry has encouraged churches to invite a woman as guest preacher during February in her honor. This annual event has become a deeply significant source of joy and discovery for many churches, including those of us at FBC Lawrence, in celebrating the giftedness of women in ministry.

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Here, There, and Everywhere 08-18-2019

“Here, There, and Everywhere,” the 8/18/2019 sermon by Dava Cooper, FBC Youth Spiritual Formation Intern. It’s the fourth sermon in a 5-sermon series titled Who Are We Becoming? Begins with reading of John 7:4-18 and prayer. Sermon begins at 1:01.

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